I made a free iMessage sticker app that shows chefs kissing things, like objects…and each other.

Smelling Candles in TJ Maxx Like An Idiot

I’m a stereotypical bored dad when I’m at TJMaxx. After a a few minutes browsing for myself, I find myself waiting for my wife. I waste the time by scrolling on my phone, or playing a dumb game alone, specifically the game,

“Can I guess the scent of this candle without reading it?”

Ok, how was I supposed to guess the scent was “sunset”? What does the setting sun smell like? Only true maxxinistas know.

Note: I look very cool/handsome/not strange at all smelling candles while not trying to look at the label or even color. Also, my toddler is sometimes screaming in the cart.

Then, if we flash forward to the next weekend, I realize it’s my niece/nephew/someone’s birthday, and I…

Classic role categories: maker, manager, and man who is interested in magic but lacks hand eye coordination

Role-based workflows

At the risk of stating the obvious, people with different roles should have different workflows to be productive. There have been a lot of great pieces about this (e.g. here, here, here). But don’t go to those links, because you’re reading my piece, and also none of those include the man who is interested in magic but lacks hand-eye coordination.

Some definitions:

Maker: Makers create some kind of tangible value, and need deep focus to build and create. In tech, we often think mainly about makers as software engineers, but this can be anyone fitting this definition, including designers, artists.

Manager: Managers…

Why The Bachelor/The Bachelorette doesn’t work, according to The Mythical Man Month

Everlasting Love (but like, fast)

The Bachelor/The Bachelorette: A bachelor/bachelorette spends 2 months dating ~25 people who all live together in a mansion on TV, culminating in an engagement to their supposed everlasting match. As we all know, Reality TV competitions are the best, smartest way to solve any problem.

However, in looking at the data for the 38 Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons so far, only 5 are married to their final picks, a 13% success rate. This falls far short of the show’s premise.

Why would…who would…

Never change, Spirit Halloween.


  • The assertion in this piece isn’t true in all circumstances
  • This is probably oversimplified
  • I’m unsure whether what I wrote about is from my brain, or from an article I read, or maybe from a headline of a blog post that I heard about from a podcast
  • I’m neither an expert nor a smart person
  • Please don’t listen to me
  • Oh god please don’t make decisions based on something I wrote here
  • I’m not accomplished/not a thing. …

(for those looking to go straight to the tool/framework, link is here)

A huge part of my job is prioritizing, answering for products, “Of the million things we can do right now, what should we do? What shouldn’t we do?”

Tackling these kinds of questions requires a lot of input — in the form of data, research, testing, thinking, feelings, conversations, etc. And if everything goes right, you end up with a flexible product roadmap that sets the product, team, and company up for success and learning.

I’ve done this for all sorts of products —e.g. mobile apps, email tools…


Product (currently Shutterstock, formerly Warby Parker) and Comedy (New Yorker, UCB, FunnyOrDie)

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